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About the Project 

The project is entitled:

- Commune of Kowary (Kowary Town Office)

Project Partners:
Czech communes of Mala Upa (Obec Mala Upa) and Cerny Dul (Obec Cerny Dul)

Short description of the project:
The aim of the Project is to combine and intensify activities related to preservation and popularisation of common traditions of horn sleigh downhill rides in the Polish and Czech border region. The Project involves a number of activities aimed at increasing the significance of the event known as the „International Horn Sleigh Downhill Ride– The Grand Festival of Sleighs”, collecting information and artefacts to be published or exhibited as well as gathering a great deal of publicity.

Description and overall objective 

Description and grounds of the project:
The project will be based in the commune of Kowary, which is an attractive area due to its natural and scenic beauty. The rich biosphere found here is what streamlines the growth of the area particularly in tourism. These factors have been included and given priority in the Development Strategy for the Urban Commune of Kowary. Despite the fair climate and the commune’s potential, the infrastructure for tourism operates only in the summer season. The landform features are what boosts the area’s appeal and provides favourable conditions for both Alpine skiing and horn sleigh downhill rides.

Overall objective:
Embarking on the project and intensification of activities across the border in the field of history and tourism is aimed at incorporation of the common and fascinating tradition into the range of activities for the development of new local products and services related to tourism. An increase in the number of visitors to the region from Poland as well as from other countries is expected. In this way, the project will directly influence promotion of the commune and make its offer for tourists more attractive.
The immediate objective of the project is to increase the tourist appeal of the borderland in the Czech communes of Mala Upa and Cerny Dul as well as the Polish commune of Kowary and to promote the horn sleigh, together with the history and contemporary applications of this device, as a local tourist attraction.
To reach this goal, support is needed for the regularly organised event featuring the horn sleigh, a recently revived product for tourism, whose history and significance stretches across the borders. The launch of the event will be accompanied by an exhibition and publication of a study on the horn sleigh.

Activities and project costs 

1. Broadening the scope of the event called "International Horn Sleigh Downhill Ride– The Grand Festival of Sleigh ".
2. Organisation of an international conference on the development of Karkonosze as mountains without frontiers, the “Little Alps”.
3. Gathering materials to be exhibited or published.
4. An exhibition in the gallery at the Local Culture Centre in Kowary (Poland) as well as in Mala Upa and Cerny Dul (the Czech Republic).
5. Preparation and publication of a study on the history of horn sleighs in the Polish and Czech borderland.
6. Purchase of 15 replicas of horn sleighs for the downhill ride as a way of increasing the number of participants. In this way, competitors who do not own their sleigh and are willing to participate in the competition will now have a chance to do so.
7. Project Promotion.
8. Ensuring regular promotion of the undertaking once the project has been completed.

Project Costs:
Total cost of the project: PLN 204,160
Total eligible costs: PLN 184,160 (100%)
- funds from the European Regional Development Fund: PLN 138,120 (75%)
- commune’s own funds: PLN 46,040 (25%)

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