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The rebirth of the idea  
The rides were abandoned after World War 2. Lack of interest in this form of leisure resulted from the difficult situation after the war and the large-scale population migration. In the end, a virtually complete population exchange in the Silesian parts of Karkonosze Mountains separated the people living in these areas from their roots and mountain traditions. Moreover, an absence of indigenous inhabitants, the unpopularity of the heritage of the Germans formerly inhabiting Karkonosze combined with a lack of knowledge on how to use the local means and resources for tourism and leisure resulted in the horn sleigh being almost completely gone and forgotten in the Polish parts of Karkonosze. Fifty years have passed and the situation has changed. The inhabitants of the so-called recovered lands have started rediscovering the identity of their cities, towns and villages. The locals gradually became accustomed to the discoveries and accepted them as the common tradition of the pre-war and contemporary population. Today’s organisers of this long-forgotten form of leisure were motivated by the hopes for development and their contribution to increasing popularity of this “crazy winter sport”. The “International Horn Sleigh Downhill Ride” is an event with a very short history of only a few years and is organised in March every year.

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